Other Brittens of Northamptonshire and other places


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice Wells
1876142Bedfordshire, England010 April 19378161Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Charles Wells
16 August 1842176High Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire81 April 1914
1 April 1914
10471Bedfordshire, England
Bedford, Bedfordshire England
Charles Ernest Wells
about 1875143St Leonard On Sea, Sussex, England011 September 19328657Frinton, Essex, England
Christopher Hayward Wells
about 1910108Bedford, Bedfordshire, England08 June 19407830HMS Glorious
Cornelius Armitage Wells
18 January 1816202Biggleswade, Bedshire, England0
David Franey Wells MC
26 January 1913105Bedford, Bedfordshire, England0February 20001887Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Edith Josephine Wells
4 December 1880137Bedford, Bedfordshire, England012 September 19744493Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Eliza Ann Wells
about 1842176Southill, Bedfordshire, England0
Eliza Ann Wells
26 April 1823195Biggleswade, Bedshire, England0
Elizabeth Wells
31 August 1804214London, London, England0
Ellen Brain Wells
16 August 1848170St. Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England41 January 19397990Castle Close, Bedfordshire, England
George Wells
16 January 1841177St. Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England0
George Wells
15 April 1744274St. Martins in the fields, London, England6
George Wells
9 May 1802216St Marylebone, London, England0
George Hayward Wells
about 1876142Bedford, Bedfordshire, England011 January 19526676Bedfordshire, England
George James Armantage Wells
20 September 1813205Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England1016 June 188013866District of Biggleswade
Guy Franey Wells
17 June 1882136Bedford, Bedfordshire015 June 191510332Captain, R E. Ypres, Belgium
Harry Britten Wells
8 June 1878140Bedfordshire, England027 July 19259347Bedfordshire, England
Henry Wells
about 1850168Bedfordshire, England0
James Wells
about 1847171Southill, Bedfordshire, England0
James George Wells
25 October 1787231St. Martins in the fields, London, England5
Joanna Wells
3 February 1811207Biggleswade, Bedshire, England0
Joseph Wells
5 February 1842176Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England0
Mabel Mary Wells
about 1874144Bedford, Bedfordshire, England010 April 19378163Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Mary Ann Wells
25 November 1807210St Marylebone, London, England0
Mary Ann Wells
10 September 1800218London, London, England018072116
Mary Marsom Wells
19 April 1812206Biggleswade, Bedshire, England0
Oliver John Wells
June 192296Bedford, Bedfordshire, England04 June 2012690
Samuel Wells
9 October 1836182Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England0
Sarah Wells
23 August 1839179Bedford, Bedfordshire, England0
Sydney Richard Wells
September 1879139Bedfordshire, England926 November 19566177Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Thomas Capper Wells
1916102Bedford, Bedfordshire, England013 February 19427626Singapore
William Wells
about 1845173Southill, Bedfordshire, England0
William George Wells
23 November 1792225St Marylebone, London, England0