Redding/Reading family of Birmingham and New Zealand


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada Ellen Reading Jensen
Ada Ellen Reading Jensen
187314505 August 19586085Clareville, Carterton District, Wellington, New Zealand
Ada Ellen (Nell) Reading
8 August 1874144Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand02 August 19586083Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Agnes Elizabeth Reading
6 April 1847171Birmingham, Warwickshire, England027 June 189812051Como, Italy.
Agnes Helena Reading
28 October 1894124Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah, USA010 July 19764281Sparks, Washoe, Nevada
Alexander Whitworth Reading
12 May 1819199Cannon Street Meeting House-Baptist, Birmingham, Warwick, England0April 184117721Birmingham
Alfred Brown Reading
26 October 1879139Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand010 August 19566276Pihiatua, Wellington, New Zealand
Alfred John Reading
20 September 1841177Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand1122 February 19249482Pahiatua, Wellington, New Zealand
Alice Reading
Alice Maud Reading
6 September 1869149Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand04 March 188713117Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Alvin Reading
18 August 1902116Utah219 April 19694966Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA
Alvin Henry Reading
18 August 1902116Morgan County, Utah, USA019 April 19694966Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA
Amos Reading
2 June 1848170Lambeth, Surrey03 December 18481690Lambeth, Surrey
Amos Reading *!
about 1816202Enfield, Middlesex, England114 November 190111785Southwark, Surrey
Ann Reading
about 1816202Enfield, Middlesex, England0
Ann Reading
5 November 1839179Cornwell Rd, Lambeth, Surrey028 January 18411771Waterloo, Lambeth, Surrey
Ann Elizabeth Reading
27 October 1846172Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand026 September 187614229Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Annis Kezia Reading
about 1888130Birmingham, Warwickshire, England0October 190111713Aston, Warwickshire
Arthur Herbert Reading
July 1898120King's Norton, Worcestershire0September 19754377Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Augusta Evelyn (Eva) Reading
21 June 1871147Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand415 January 19595987Clareville, Carterton District, Wellington, New Zealand
Beneta Reading ?
18 January 18901280
Catherine Laura Isabele Reading
March 1853165Birmingham, Warwickshire, England025 March 191310560"Grove Hill", 257 Grove Lane, Handsworth
Cathrine Reading
3 November 1814204Cannon Street Meeting House, Baptist, Birmingham, UK05 July 185416439Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Christina Reading
Clara Mae Reading
4 October 1898120Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah, USA06 October 19883090Los Angeles County, California, USA
Constance Eminie Reading
January 1882136Moseley, Worcestershire, England09 April 19645482Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Cyril James Reading
January 1890128Balsall Heath, Worcestershire, England018 November 19566266Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
David Reading
about 1814204Blackheath, Kent, England0January 190211688West Ham, Essex
David Reading
2 September 1853165Southwark, Surrey0January 191410460Greater London, Kent, London, United Kingdom
Dennis Barnes Reading
11 November 1910108Moseley, Worcestershire020 July 19784067Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Doris Ethel Reading
10 January 1893125Otaki, Manawatu, New Zealand131 July 19566263Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Dorothy Hannah Reading
13 May 1885133Salt Lake City, Utah08 October 19625677San Diego
Edward Reading
14 August 1843175Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand016 September 18431750Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Edward Reading
21 May 1800218Rowington, Warwickshire, , England0March 186315562Warwickshire, England
Edward Reading
14 August 1843175Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand016 August 18431750Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Edward Reading
22 August 1844174Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand1422 September 190611262Emmett, Gem, Utah, USA
Edward Allen 'Bert' Reading
21 August 1867151Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand012 May 19239555Carterton, New Zealand
Eileen Gladys READING
7 June 1908110Moseley, Worcestershire012 May 19823673
Eliza Reading
27 December 1837180Southwark, Surrey0June 191010872Bermondsey, London, , England
Elizabeth Reading
14 December 1778239Birmingham, Warwickshire016 December 184517267Birmingham, Warwickshire
Elizabeth Reading
13 September 1814204Birmingham, Warwickshire5January 189712182Birmingham, Warwickshire
Ellen Reading
13 November 1838180Newtown, Birmingham, England717 February 189712158Holladay, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Ellen Sophia Reading
16 November 1886132Salt Lake City, Utah010 March 18871310Ward 6, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Elsie Evelyn Reading
23 April 1904114Morgan County, Utah, USA118 February 19952390Madera County, California, USA
Elsie May Reading
15 October 1895123Auckland, New Zealand014 May 19774181New Zealand
Emma Jane Reading
1847171Walsall, Staffordshire, England0186415417
Evelyn Annie Reading
1901117New Zealand023 January 19704869New Zealand
Florence Eleanor Reading
8 August 1874144Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand03 June 19605885Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Florence Grace Reading
18 December 1895122Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah, USA022 December 18971202
Frank Reading
1854164Harborne, Staffordshire, England0about 187214618Birmingham
Frederick Francis Reading
1844174Birmingham, Warwickshire022 March 190211658Caernarvonshire, United Kingdom
Frederick Joseph Reading
22 November 1884133Birmingham, Warwick119635578Queensland
George Reading
about 1894124Birmingham, Warwickshire, England0
George Reading *!
27 October 1856162Southwark, Surrey116 November 190511349Charlton, Kent
George Alfred Reading
31 October 1855163Birmingham, Warwickshire, England030 January 191010854Calcutta, West Bengal, India
George Edward Reading
about 1840178Birmingham, Warwickshire0
George Frederick Reading
2 November 1836182Nechells Green, Birmingham027 February 185915922Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
George Howard Reading
12 July 1880138Parell, Bombay, India019 December 19526572Linlithgow
Gladys Nellie Reading
April 1896122King's Norton, Worcestershire0
Grace Eleanor Reading
Grace Ethelwin Reading
17 January 1883135Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand015 August 19427659
Hannah Amelia Reading
13 February 1837 (is this from a certificate?)181Lambeth, Middlesex, England026 February 18371810Lambeth, England
Hannah Elizabeth Reading
1865153Brierly Hill, Staffordshire, England423 January 19556390Wolverhampton
Harold Gordon Reading
4 June 1894124Auckland, New Zealand019754380Auckland, New Zealand
Harry Walter Reading
14 October 1877141Bombay, Maharashtra, India219 April 19259347Exeter, Devon, England
Henry Reading
4 July 1860158Southwark, Surrey0before 190111740
Henry Howard Reading
28 January 1848170Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire428 July 188513337By Cullah, Bombay, Macharasha, India
Henry Howard Reading
17 September 1911107Exeter Devon, United Kingdom122 June 19774165Folkestone, Kent, England
Herbert Henry Reading
1846172Birmingham, Warwickshire018541648Birmingham
James Reading
10 September 1786232St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England025 May 183518348Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Reading
30 May 1777241Birmingham, Warwickshire030 June 17792392Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Reading
9 September 1825193Birmingham, Warwickshire2about 186615240Birmingham
James Henry Reading *!
Jane Reading
15 April 1858160St Saviours, Southwark, Surrey0March 19239564Southwark, London, England
Jeremiah Reading
24 September 1797221Birmingham, Warwickshire08 November 17992192Birmingham, Warwickshire
Jessie Elizabeth Louise Reading
9 January 1866152Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand16 July 19655399Auckland, New Zealand
John Reading
29 April 1790228Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire619 July 186215672170 New John Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
JOHN Reading
15 May 1670348Warwickshire, England2
John Reading
13 November 1810208Fleet Street, St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England5
John Reading
John Brown Reading
12 January 1813205Cannon Street Meeting House, Baptist, Birmingham, UK112 November 187614263Karori, Wellington, New Zealand
John Edward Reading
30 September 1897121Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah014 October 18971210
John Walter Cope Reading
September 1850168Bermondsey, Surrey, England0December 18531643Birmingham, England.
Joseph Reading
29 December 1793224Birmingham, Warwickshire030 April 184117747
Joseph Reading
27 April 1792226Birmingham, Warwickshire09 December 17922250Birmingham, Warwickshire
Joseph Reading
17 February 1842176Southwark, Surrey018 February 19229680
Joseph Reading
4 June 1816202Birmingham0July 187514359Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Joseph Reading *!
about 1784234Birmingham523 March 185316569Christ Church, Southwark
Joseph Henry Reading
7 March 1818200Cannon Street Meeting House-Baptist, Birmingham, Warwick, England514 December 188213564West Bromwich, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Julia Elizabeth Reading
March 1846172Greenwich, London, United Kingdom / New Cross Surrey4March 190711161Birmingham, Warwickshire, , England
Leonard George Reading
14 February 1880138Moseley, Worcestershire, England223 November 19378057Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Louisa Catherine Reading
4 May 1849169Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand029 August 191110762Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Louise Catherine Reading
25 May 1892126Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah, USA028 June 19516759Los Angeles County, California, USA
Lydia Reading
25 September 1780238Birmingham, Warwickshire0
Lydia Reading
24 September 1823195Birmingham, St Martin3187514351Yorkshire County, England
Martha Caroline Reading
26 August 1900118Richville, Morgan County, Utah, USA020 March 19912790Los Angeles County, California, USA
Mary Reading
16 November 1782236Birmingham, Warwickshire010 December 184916867Birmingham
Mary Reading
Mary Reading
1855163Harborne, Staffordshire, England0about 186515310Birmingham
Mary Ann Reading
April 1863155Birmingham, Warwickshire, England0
Mary Ann Reading
6 April 1830188Birmingham, Warwickshire0about 188113750Birmingham
Mary Ann Reading
28 April 1845173Birmingham, Warwickshire0186415418Birmingham
Mary Elizabeth Reading
27 July 1826192Cannon Street Meeting House-Baptist, Birmingham, Warwick, England127 June 191010883Birmingham
Michael Percy READING
26 September 19131050July 20011787Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Nancy Eldridge READING
31 May 1910108Moseley, Worcestershire021 April 19803869Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Nancy Ruth Reading
13 July 193979Wendell, Idaho020 April 19991959Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA
Nathaniel Cracknell Reading
19 July 1849169Birmingham, Warwickshire, England429 March 19249474Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Norman Barnes Reading
20 January 1880138Moseley, Worcestershire, England0December 19694889Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Norman Quorn Reading
June 191999Christchurch, Hampshire022 May 19417721HMS Gloucester, off, Crete, Greece
Percy Howard READING
January 1876142Moseley, Worcestershire, England219 December 19516675Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rebecca Reading
3 July 1788230St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England019 March 187214683Birmingham, Warwickshire
Rebecca Reading
6 May 1812206St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England2188113768Birmingham
SAMUEL Reading
16 November 1784234Birmingham, Warwickshire1117 November 184717163Birmingham, Warwickshire
Samuel Reading
1731287Warwickshire, England0
Samuel Reading
6 May 1757261Birmingham, Warwickshire, England1115 February 182519367Birmingham, England
Samuel Reading
18 May 1809209Birmingham, Warwickshire321 April 187014860Warwickshire, England
Samuel Reading
5 January 1820198Cannon Street Meeting House, Baptist, Birmingham, UK0October 18271917Birmingham
Samuel Alfred Reading
Samuel Edward Reading
1869149Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire0July 18741445Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Samuel Edward Reading
July 1840178Birmingham, Warwickshire4October 188613246Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Sarah Reading
1700318Warwickshire, England0
Sarah Reading
15 January 1844174Lambeth, Surrey0February 18481704Lambeth, Surrey
Sarah Reading
Sarah Amelia Reading
6 November 1893125Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah516 January 19833589Rupert, Minidoka, Idaho, USA
Sarah Jane Reading
2 July 1852166Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand417 November 189012838Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Thomas Reading
1738280Birmingham0about 180021862
Thomas Reading
1835183Southwark, Surrey0
Thomas Reading
9 September 1827191Longbridge, Warwickshire, England3
Thomas Reading
1852166Harborne, Worcestershire, England0about 187314521Birmingham
Thomas Reading
about 1850168Birmingham, Warwickshire, England0about 18561626Birmingham
Thomas George Reading
25 April 1886132Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand013 August 19625676Carterton, New Zealand
Unknown 1 Reading
Unknown2 Reading
Walter Reading
17 June 1816202Cannon Street Meeting House, Baptist, Birmingham, UK228 December 186814952Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Walter C Reading
6 March 1882136Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States06 March 18821360Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Walter Joseph Reading
27 July 1855163Karori, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand416 September 19407885New Plymouth, Wellington, New Zealand
William Reading
1872146Aston, Warwickshire, England5
William Reading
12 August 1821197Fleet Street, Birmingham S, Warwickshire0January 189012868Warwickshire, United Kingdom
William Reading
1775243Rowington, England, United Kingdom2186215687Warwickshire, England
William Reading
11 August 1771247Birmingham0about April 179622224Cradley, Worcestershire
William Reading
1855163Birmingham, Warwickshire, England6about 190011845
William Charles Reading
23 August 1886132Birmingham, Warwickshire, England0December 19437457Birmingham, Warwickshire, England