Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada Annie Reading
1873145Lambeth, Surrey11September 19378164Southwark, London, England
Alfred Reading
17 July 1907111Brentford Middlesex019605852Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Alice Letitia Reading
27 October 1866152Rotherhithe, London, England, or Dartford, Kent310 February 19407873Alpha, The Close, East Beach, Selsey, W. Sussex
Amos Reading
about 1816202Enfield124 November 190111785Southwark, Surrey
Amos Reading
2 June 1848170Lambeth, Surrey03 December 18481690Lambeth, Surrey
Amos William Reading
31 July 1887131Charlton, Kent2October 19338546Hackney
Ann Reading
5 November 1839179Cornwell Rd, Lambeth, Surrey028 January 18411771Waterloo, Lambeth, Surrey
Anthony Lawrence Reading
28 February 192989London08 March 2012683Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Catherine Reading
17 February 1910108Richmond Ths, Greater London, Middlesex019803869London, London, England
Daniel Reading
1839179Lambeth, Surrey3
David Reading
about 1814204Blackheath, Kent, England2March 190211688West Ham, Essex
David Reading
2 September 1853165Southwark, Surrey1January 191410460Greater London, Kent, London, United Kingdom
David Reading
David Reading BEM
11 July 1894124Charlton, Kent.16 December 19863192Leonards on Sea E Sx
David Charles Reading
3 April 1923952 Brockham Street Newington North04 March 1960583683 Lancelot Road, Wembley
Dorothy Ada Reading
October 1904114Essex, United Kingdom019378132
Eliza Reading
27 December 1837180Southwark, Surrey11June 191010872Bermondsey, London, , England
Elizabeth Anne Reading
Elsie Caroline Reading
June 1899119Charlton, Kent017 May 19209820692 Woolwich Rd, Charlton, Kent
Florence Reading
March 1875143Stratford, Essex, England0
George Reading
27 October 1856162Southwark, Surrey816 November 190511349Charlton, Kent
George Edward Alexander Reading
1847171Marylebone, London, England5September 189312546London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
George Walter Reading
21 December 1889128Charlton, Kent022 January 18911271Charlton, Kent
Hannah Amelia Reading
13 February 1837 (is this from a certificate?)181Lambeth, Middlesex, England026 February 18371810Lambeth, England
Hannah Elizabeth Reading
25 August 1844174Christ Church, St Saviour, Southwark0March 190211657West Ham? Essex, United Kingdom
Helena (Lena) Reading
Helena Reading
26 March 1897121Somers Town, London, England0June 19724675Richmond, Surrey, England
Helena (Lena) Reading
Helena Reading
26 March 1897Somers Town, London, England0June 197275Richmond, Surrey, England
Henry Reading
4 July 1860158Southwark, Surrey1before 190111740
Henry Reading
1852166St George in the East, London, England319229670West Ham, Essex, England
Henry Reading
17 March 1892126Charlton, Kent29 June 19675175Woolwich, Kent
Henry Thomas Reading
July 1877141Stepney, London, England615 August 191710140No 44 CCS, Vlamingtinge, France & Flanders
James Henry Reading
26 April 192692Camberwell, London329 December 20061180Rushden, Northamptonshire
Jane Reading
15 April 1858160St Saviours, Southwark, Surrey12March 19239564Southwark, London, England
Jane Reading
Jane E. Reading
about 1873145Leamington, Warwickshire, England0
Jessie Reading
Jessie Elizabeth Reading
Jessie Reading
March 1873
about 1873
145Leamington, Warwickshire, England
Leamington, Warwickshire, England
Jessie Elizabeth Reading
Jessie Reading
March 1873
about 1873
Leamington, Warwickshire, England
Leamington, Warwickshire, England
John Reading
10 February 1904114Mortlake, Surrey5October 19714767Kingston, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
John Reading
14 April 1846172Lambeth, Surrey0February 18481701Lambeth, Surrey
John Edward Reading
October 1902116Charlton0June 19061123Charlton
Joseph Reading
13 October 1840178Christ Church, St Saviours, Southwark5January 191710176Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Joseph Reading
12 June 1875143Rotherhithe719625686Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Joseph Reading
1781237Birmingham523 March 185316572Christ Church, Southwark
Joseph Reading
March 1901117Charlton012 January 19031151Woolwich
Joseph Reading
17 February 1842176Southwark, Surrey218 February 19229680
Kate Rose Reading
1 January 1896122Dalston, London, England0April 19922696Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Lily Eliza Reading
24 February 1897121138 West St, Charlton, Kent315 January 19784080Portsmouth, Hampshire
Margaret (Maggie) Reading
3 July 1901117Richmond Ths, Greater London, Middlesex0February 19991997Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Margaret Rachel Reading
1860158Bermondsey, Surrey0191110751
Mary Reading
1860158Bermondsey0before 18631553
Mary Ann Reading
23 January 1863155Bermondsey619259361
Rose Reading
11 May 1877141Southwark, Middlesex, England029 March 19348456Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Rose Reading
Sarah Reading
15 January 1844174Lambeth, Surrey0February 18481704Lambeth, Surrey
Thomas Reading
about 1880138Mile End, Middlesex, England0
Thomas Reading
about 1835183Southwark, Surrey0before 185116716
Unknown 1 Reading
Unknown 2 Reading
Unknown 3 Reading
William Reading
William Albert G Reading
December 1890127Borough, London, England0January 190411413Southwark, London, United Kingdom
William Thomas Reading
1871147Hammersmith, London, England5