Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Agnes Holbrook
1863155Stamford Hill, Middlesex0
Albert Holbrook
1868150Stamford Hill, Middlesex0
Anne Holbrook
about 1861157Stratford, Essex, England0
baby Holbrook
14 December 1913104Bunbury, Wa014 December 19131040Bunbury, Wa
Douglas Guy Holbrook
14 December 1913104Bunbury, West Aust57 July 19823568Busselton, West Aust
Edith Holbrook
about 1880138South Norwood, Surrey, England0
Edward Holbrook
about 1857161Stratford, Essex, England0
Edwin Holbrook
1853165Stratford, Essex, England4June 19298876Woolwich, London, England
Edwin George Holbrook
about 1824194Mile End Old Town5187414450Woolwich
Edwin Thomas Walter Holbrook
1 June 1894123120 Hudson Road Plumstead, Kent, England0June 19605766Woolwich, London, England
Eliza Johanna Holbrook
1856162Stratford, Essex, England4190011844St Pancras
Elizabeth Holbrook
1830188Stepney, Middlesex0
Elizabeth Holbrook
27 January 1804213Stratford, Essex0
Ellen Holbrook
about 1885133Plumstead, Kent, England0
Emma Holbrook
about 1844174Stratford, Middlesex4
Emma Elizabeth Holbrook
June 1865152Mile End, Middlesex, England1
Ethel Fay Holbrook
about 1883135Plumstead, Kent, England0
Florence Holbrook
about 1879139South Norwood, Surrey, England0
Florence Mary (May) Holbrook
1887131Clapton, London, England025 April 19486961Perth, Wa
Frank William Holbrook
about 1897121Ldn, Nunhead014 August 19635466Perth, Wa
Geoffrey Douglas Gerald Holbrook
2 April 194176Bridgetown, West Aust529 January 20071065Balingup Donnybrook-Balingup Shire Western Australia, Australia
George Holbrook
1794224Stepney (?) Middlesex5186115767West Ham, Essex
George Holbrook
29 June 1813204West Ham, Middlesex0Stepney, Middlesex
Harold Hayward Holbrook
30 December 1900117120 Hudson Road Plumstead Woolwich, London, England, United Kingdom1October 19942393Hastings and Rother, East Sussex, England
Harry Holbrook
about 1848170Stratford, Essex, England0
Hilda Gertrude Holbrook
about 1892
6 December 1898
126South Norwood, Surrey, England
South Norwood, Surrey, England
0July 19754283Truro, Cornwall, England
Jane Holbrook
about 1846172Stratford, Essex, England0
John Holbrook
17692495183318564West Ham, Middlesex
Katie Holbrook
about 1887131Plumstead, Kent, England0
Maria Holbrook
1823195Stepney, Middlesex5November 187813955London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Martha Holbrook
about 1847171Peckham, Surrey, England1
Minnie Holbrook
1868150Silvertown, Essex, England0
Ninetta Robina Hayward Holbrook
3 May 193186Dartford Kent229 January 20051273West Sussex
Robert Holbrook
11 December 1819198Stratford, Essex10July 186715047Hackney, London, United Kingdom
Robert Holbrook
Robert Edward Holbrook
about 1851167Stratford, Essex, England6March 19199868Brentford, Middlesex, England
Robert Holbrook
about 1876142South Norwood, Surrey, England0
Robert Holbrook
Robert Edward Holbrook
about 1851Stratford, Essex, England6March 191968Brentford, Middlesex, England
Sophia Holbrook
1828190Stepney, Middlesex431 July 190411376Woolwich, Kent
Stanley J Holbrook
27 October 1903114120 Hudson Road Plumstead0February 19922588Hastings and Rother, East Sussex, England
Sydney Holbrook
about 1890128South Norwood, Surrey, England0
Theresa Holbrook
about 1888130South Norwood, Surrey, England0
Thomas Holbrook
30 May 1817200Stratford, Essex0
Thomas Arnold Holbrook
19 May 1915102Bunbury, Wa021 January 19358319Perth, Wa
Thomas Charles Holbrook
1 October 1883134Clapton, Middlesex319 May 19189934Villiers Bretonneux, France
Thomas John Holbrook
December 1858159West Ham, Essex, United Kingdom31 April 19318672Balingup, West Aust
Walter Holbrook
1859159Islington, Middlesex, England5September 19338474Woolwich, Kent
William Holbrook
William Holbrook
1837181Stepney, Middlesex2
William Holbrook
about 1854164Stratford, Essex, England0
William E Holbrook
1863155Holloway, Middlesex0
William E. Holbrook
about 1864154Holloway, Middlesex, England0
William G Holbrook
about 1863155Holloway, Middlesex, England0
William G Holbrook
about 1863155Holloway, Middlesex, England0
William George Holbrook
2 May 1898119120 Hudson Road, Plumstead, Kent, England1March 19714672Eastbourne, Sussex, England
William Thomas Holbrook
5 February 1809208Stratford, Essex0
Winifred Alice Holbrook
29 March 1896121120 Hudson Road Plumstead, Kent, England0September 19754279Hastings, East Sussex, England
Winifred Katherine Holbrook
December 1886131Plumstead, London, England0