Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice Dimond
about 1879140St Thomas, Devon, England0
Alice Dimond
about 1874145St Thomas, Devon, England0
Annie Dimond
about 1875144Bridgewater, Somerset, England0
Annie Dimond
about 1878141Exeter, Devon, England0about 18811383Exeter, Devon, England
Caroline Dimond
about 1876143St Thomas, Devon, England0
Caroline Dimond
Charles Dimond
about 1872147St Thomas, Devon, England0
Edith Dimond
about 1882137Exeter, Devon, England0
Elizabeth Dimond
1836183St Thomas, Devon, England0
Elizabeth Frances Dimond
1860159St Thomas, Devon, England0
Elizabeth Frances Dimond
about 1861158St Thomas; Exeter, Devon, England0
Elizabeth Mary Dimond
about 1856163St Thomas; Exeter, Devon, England0
Elizabeth Susan Dimond
about 1883136Birkenhead, Cheshire, England0
Elsie Mary Dimond
December 17, 192098692 Woolwich Rd, Charlton, Kent2May 19, 1997227661 Crofton Rd, Milton, Portsmouth
Fanny Rebecca Dimond
about 1881138Liverpool, Lancashire, England0
Frank Dimond
about 1871148St Thomas, Devon, England0
Harry Dimond
March 20, 1861158Exeter, Devon, England3February 28, 19477285Wallasey
Harry Dimond
about 1876143St Thomas, Devon, England0
Harry Gordon Dimond
December 17, 18951234 Pleasant St, Graig-y-Don, Llandudno3September 12, 19566260St Mary's Hosp, Milton, Portsmouth
Henry Clash Dimond
1842177St Thomas, Devon, England9October 19, 191410472Exeter, Devon, England
James Dimond
1832187St Thomas, Devon, England7June 188813156Devon, United Kingdom
Jane Rebecca Dimond
November 23, 1887131Liverpool, Lancashire, England0
John Dimond
about 1834185St Thomas, Devon, England7
John Dimond
1807212Exeter, Devon, England7October 21, 187714170St Sidwell, Exeter
John Dimond
about 1868151St Thomas; Exeter, Devon, England0
Lucy Dimond
about 1884135Exeter, Devon, England0Worthing, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Mary Anne Dimond
about 1863156St Thomas; Exeter, Devon, England0
Sarah Dimond
1839180Devon, England0
Sarah Bertha Dimond
1865154St Thomas, Exeter0
Sarah Rebecca Dimond
about 1857162St Johns; Exeter, Devon, England0
Susan Dimond
January 20, 1889130Liverpool St Peter, Lancashire0
William Dimond
about 1859160Exminster, Devon, England0
William Dimond
about 1890129Exeter, Devon, England019744584Croydon, Surrey, England
William S Dimond
1859160Exminster, Devon, England0