Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada Marie Clark
July 1904114Hull, Yorkshire, England019863381
Ada Maud Clark
30 May 1873145Stepney, Middlesex, England0
Arthur Reginald Clark
April 1884134Hull, Yorkshire, England0189512410
Caroline Alice Clark
June 1859159Stepney, Middlesex, England0July 190711148West Ham, Essex, United Kingdom
Cyril Clark
25 September 1896122Sculcoates (Hull), East Yorkshire, England1September 19744477Hull, East Yorkshire, England
Daniel William S Clark
26 October 1912106Hull, Yorkshire East Riding0May 19932580Beverley, Yorkshire, England
Douglas E Clark
192396Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England020081185Hull, Yorkshire, England
Edith G Clark
1890129Hull, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom0
Edward George Clark
Edwin Anthony Clark
12 August 1900118Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia031 October 19536553Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia
Eileen Clark
June 193583Hull, Yorkshire, England0June 1936821Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, England
Elizabeth Mary Clark
October 1854164Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, England0September 19338578Brentford, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Mary Clark
1881138Hull, Yorkshire, England0
Emma Clark
October 1851167Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, England7June 19229670Lambeth, Greater London, England
Frank Clark
1901118Hull, Yorkshire, England0before 191110810Yorkshire
Frank Michael Clark
1914105Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England42 November 19803866Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
Frank Weston Clark
4 January 1892127Hull, Yorkshire, England9March 19605868Hull, Yorkshire, England
George Clark
1911108Queensland, Australia0Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
George Thomas Clark
18 April 1880138Hull, Yorkshire, England0July 18821362Hull, Yorkshire East Riding
Grace Lilian Clark
9 February 1896123Stratford, Essex, England521 October 19793983
Henry Clark
1881138Samoa, Pacific Islands616 November 19219740Atherton, Queensland, Australia
Henry George Clark
20 May 1849169Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, England8July 189712148Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom
Henry George Clark
5 November 1899119Hull, Yorkshire, England219784178Hull, East Yorkshire
James Clark
1906113Queensland, Australia018 August 19407834Atherton, Queensland, Australia
John Henry (Henry John) Clark
28 December 1824194Stepney, Middlesex, England813 November 191110786London
Lawrence Clark
October 1889129Hull, Yorkshire, England019665376Hull
Louisa Clark
27 June 1902116Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia319744571Atherton, Queensland, Australia
Mary Ann Harriet Clark
28 August 1869149Stepney, Middlesex, England8
Mary Edith Clark
16 July 1902116Stepney2May 19843481Sefton North, Merseyside, England
Maureen Clark
192792Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire, England01928911Hull, Yorkshire, England
Monica Clark
June 193880Hull0June 1938800Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England
Muriel Clark
4 December 192692Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England0January 19972270Hull, Yorkshire, England
Richard Clark
Sarah Caroline Ellen Clark
January 1879140Hull, Yorkshire, England219615882
Shaun Clark
June 193880Hull0June 1938800Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England
Sophia Sarah Clark
White Smith
1867152London1019299062Stepney, London, England30 December 2018 - 22:03:17
Thomas Clark
1 May 1867151Stepney, Middlesex, England3December 19239556Shoreditch, London, England
Thomas William Clark
30 January 1902117Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire, England85 April 19863284Hull, Yorkshire, England
William Henry Clark
4 October 1876142Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England55 March 19477170Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England
William Henry Clark
8 October 1918100Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding0August 20051386Hull, Yorkshire, England