This site will give you access to my family history pages, stories about the families included and my family history blog where I expect to post information about my research as it continues as well as stories about how I discovered previous information and the deductions I made.

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About me

About Anthony Reading

A master mariner, currently working seasonally in the Highlands of Scotland on a small, 54 passenger, cruise vessel.

Family History

Welcome to my family history pages

I have been researching my family history since 1974, starting with my father's (the surname line), then in about 1978 extending to my mother's (the Welsh line). When we married I extended the research to Penny's family going back along both her father's and mother's lines.

In recent years I have also included two trees belonging to friends, one is more actively researched and added to than the other but there are links here to both.

Due to the likelihood that virtually all the Britten's of Northamptonshire are related there is a second database of Britten's with connections to Northamptonshire and also a database of the Breton family of Teeton, Northamptonshire as there is a strong possibility that the Britten family descend from the Bretons who arrived in Northamptonshire in the 150 years following the Norman invasion of 1066.

Recently I have added another tree relating to the Reading family as a DNA test with AncestryDNA threw up the strong indication that I am related to a Reading family who emigrated from Birmingham to New Zealand in the 1840's. I will write about the DNA research at sometime.

If you are related to any of the families mentioned in any of the trees I would be pleased to hear from you, use the email link on each tree to contact me.